1803 Tarts/Melters

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$ 5.99 
1803  Soy Wax Melts - Candle Tarts - Scented Wax Melts 
1803 Candle Tarts/Melters, bring a powerful scent to any room. No Wick, No flame. Highest Quality, hand poured wax, that is the same used in the 1803 Candles. Highly Fragrant, 100% Soy. Fragrance without a flame. 
Scent List: 
Cabin Life
:  Woody Spice, Leaves, and Fresh-Cut Greens
Friendship:  Spices with a Warm Pie Crust
Good Ol' Apple Pie:  Cinnamon Apples Blended with a Buttery Pie Dough
Grandpa's Tree's:  Woodsy Pine Scent
Lavendar, Freesia, & Thyme:  Herbal Lavender, Freesia Blooms, Thyme Leaves and a Touch of Bergamont
Lemon Drop Cookie:  Lemon Sugar with Rich, Buttery Dough
Mom's Kitchen:  Caramel, Nuts, and Spice
Northwoods Cabin:   Leaves, Berries, and Trees of the Forest
Spice Box:  Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, and Allspice
White Lilac & Cotton:  Fresh White Lilacs, Cotton Pods, Crisp Green Apple, and Lemon (Such a fresh, unique Spring/Summer -Clean Scent)
You are my person:  Robust Black Tea, Vetiver, Almond, and White Cake
(Perfect for a gift, to a friend, helper, work associate, & more!)

Some of these scents have a matching Flour Sack Towel available. 
They make a great gift especially combined with the tarts!